Play reading with Academy: Generations III class

Priscilla Dreams the Answer, written by Walt McGough, published by Playscripts, Inc. (2000)

Sound Effects by Creative Commons (free source)
Music: “Dream” by Priscilla Ahn, “Disturbia: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”, Released 2007

As read by the students of Academy: Generations III class of Persephone School of Theatre, April 2020, under the direction of Carla Mysko. This video was created in Google Hangouts in lieu of the licensed free and invited live stage performance originally scheduled April 3, 2020 at Persephone Theatre, and cancelled due to COVID-19. Students were devastated not to showcase their final work from a class begun in September 2019, so this was the one way we chose to share the humour of this play, and the efforts of these great students, ages 15-18.

Priscilla, a lonely woman who works at a hobby shop, is so empathetic that she cries nightly while watching game shows. But her evening routine gets weird when she starts receiving 3 AM phone calls — from aliens. When she finally picks up, the aliens ask her a big favor: to save the world. In this fantastical play examining loss, love, and the search for answers, Priscilla looks to the only expert she knows, her favorite game show contestant Simon, to save both worlds before it’s too late. (warning – some cuss words, no swears)